“Zahl einfach per Handyrechnung” at POWER2DRIVE in Munich

Drivers of electric cars are probably familiar with this scenario: finally finding a free charging point and then not having a suitable charging card at hand, not having the right app installed, or having to go through a time-consuming and costly (re-)registration process.

“Zahl einfach per Handyrechnung” is an established payment method of German #mobile providers with which Vodafone, Telekom and O2 customers can now also effortlessly refuel and pay for electricity.

The advantage is that no customer or sensitive bank data is required. The customer is automatically verified and authenticated by the mobile communications provider. Customers can pay quickly and easily using their smartphone, which they practically always carry with them, and the invoice amount is shown on the next cell phone bill.

Interested? Then you can meet the colleagues from #Vodafone#Telekom and #Telef√≥nica at the POWER2DRIVE in Munich from October 6th to 8th, booth B6.615.

And – out of personal interest: Do you think emobility in general is a good way to more sustainable transportation? Why is that? What are its (dis)advantages?

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