mdk.Update #7/22: Weekly insights from Telecoms, payment, security, eCommerce & online fraud

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Online security and fraud prevention

Hackers Rigged Hundreds of Ecommerce Sites to Steal Payment Info

The attackers exploited a known vulnerability and installed credit card skimmers on more than 500 websites.

You want to learn more about our support for MNO to identify fraud in DCB? Check out our use case here:

Fraugster partners with Payaut to prevent fraud in ecommerce

Germany-based security company Fraugster has teamed up with marketplace payout specialist Payaut to provide fraud prevention, compliance, and revenue solutions to marketplaces.–1254572

Innovation and “out of the box” thinking

The most disruptive trends in payments, ecommerce, and regulations in 2022

The way people pay is changing rapidly, thanks to technological innovation and digitalization. How do you expect merchant payments will evolve in 2022? 

Payment fraud is becoming more complex and expensive. How will fraud attacks evolve in 2022?  Could you also outline key trends that will define security and authentication in 2022?


Is there a particular region or country on a global scale that poses more challenges in terms of payments and regulations in 2022?–1254462

Use cases

Mobile Payment: Am POS angekommen

Der deutsche Handel ist up to date: Laut EHI-Erhebungen sind Terminals, an denen kontaktlos bezahlt werden kann, bei den großen Unternehmen flächendeckend präsent. NFC-basierte Verfahren sind jenen voraus, die auf QR- oder Barcode basieren, doch auch Letztere sind immer häufiger im akzeptierten Payment-Mix vertreten.

Market outlook and development

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Events and talks

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