mdk.Update #15/22: Weekly insights from Telecoms, payment, security, eCommerce & online fraud

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Online security and fraud prevention

Avoid Scams In Mobile Payment Apps — Here’s How

For Android and iOS users alike, the availability of mobile payment apps has become a revolutionizing perk in dealing with transactions. However, the reality is that mobile payment apps tend to be favored hubs for scammers to wait to prey on others.

Financial fraud shot up 233% last year, account takeover on the rise

It’s no secret that financial fraud has sharply risen during the pandemic over the past couple of years, but a recent report released by Feedzai paints an even more disturbing picture.

The ABC of online marketplaces and main fraud types impacting this business model

Marketplaces are venues where buyers and sellers transact for goods, services, and property. By definition, marketplaces do not own the inventory sold through their platform, and they generally monetise the transactions by earning commissions from each sale. Marketplaces can be categorised as horizontal or vertical. Horizontal marketplaces sell a variety of goods and services, whereas vertical marketplaces are more specialised in specific goods or services. The best examples of horizontal marketplaces are Alibaba, Amazon, and Mercado Libre. Vertical marketplaces include Drizly or Saucy Brew Works for alcohol delivery, and Deliveroo or Just Eat for food delivery.–1255661

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Innovation and “out of the box” thinking

Visa unveils first innovation hub in Africa to drive product development

Global digital payments giant Visa has opened an innovation studio in Kenya, its first in Africa and sixth globally, after posts in Dubai, London, Miami, San Francisco and Singapore. The studio will bring together developers, Visa’s internal and external clients, and other partners to co-create payment and commerce solutions.

Use cases

About You und Klarna vertiefen Zusammenarbeit im DACH-Raum

Bislang konnten About You-Kunden in Deutschland und in der Schweiz nur sofortige Zahlungen über Klarna abwickeln. Jetzt starten der Fashion-Retailer und der Payment-Provider eine erweiterte Partnerschaft – und wollen sie auch groß angelegt bewerben.

Market outlook and development

Mobiles Bezahlen: Warum Schweizer mit Twint zahlen

Wer in der Schweiz mobil bezahlt, nutzt statt Paypal oder Apple Pay meist die heimische Alternative Twint. Warum ist die App die Nummer 1 beim täglichen Einkauf oder beim Überweisen unter Freunden?

Events and talks

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